Lucas Lowe gets some one-on-one tutoring from Martha Worley, an instructor at Jeremiah School.

Jeremiah School provides students with autism ‘a safe place to be who they are’

As the mother of a son with autism, Amy Lowe noticed that her son was struggling in the public school system, so she sought to establish an alternative learning center for children on the spectrum.

That’s how Johnson City’s Jeremiah School was established in 2015.

“She had the passion, vision and bravery to take a leap of faith and open her own school,” Director Jo Cullen said of Lowe.

The school is now in the middle of its first full year in Johnson City’s Coalition for Kids building, Cullen said.

After its pilot year in 2015, Cullen said the school has had success with its individualized approach to educating children with autism. Since much of the faculty has personal experience and specialized expertise on autism spectrum disorder, Cullen said the school has proved itself to be equipped for the challenge of educating such students.

 Parents have said their children are thriving at the facility.

“You have to understand each child as an individual. Children learn in different ways, and we can provide that customized environment for them,” she said. “It’s very much about knowing your individual, communicating with the parents and adapting your day to cater to the needs of each child.”


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