Why We Exist


Have you ever asked yourself this question ~

“what breaks your heart?”

A mom longing to see her son, and others affected by autism, grow and develop lasting relationships, who can love, think and are fearfully and wonderfully created, did just that.

After asking this question and prayerfully seeking a response, it became very clear…

Autism! Having a son on the autism spectrum, I know there is not only a need in how we educate, but to also encourage them to serve and show grace to others in countless ways including kindness, forgiveness, and love.  Each child on the spectrum is extending us an invitation to enter “their world” so we can better understand how they view “our world”.

It’s not easy for them. Most feel scared, confused, and are defensive. It is up to us to accept their invitation…to meet them where they are. Our response should be a resounding, “Yes! I am coming!”

Our core belief is that each child was created to be a relational being, most just aren’t sure how to do that. Our goal is to engage each child in meaningful learning interactions based on the interest of the child. In forming these foundational relationships, the child will feel a sense of trust, confidence, and acceptance which will in turn optimize their ability to learn.

We hope you will join in our vision as we become the only faith-based school in East Tennessee to focus on diversity in learning while enhancing relational skills!



–Amy Lowe, Founder of the Jeremiah School