This school year we enrolled my granddaughter and we could not be happier. Whitney is taught on her academic level, but she is also learning social skills. This is a critical area for these students. Whitney is learning to ride the transit because most students with autism do not drive. She is in the community learning independent life skills such as ordering a meal, waiting patiently and paying. She is thriving in an environment where she can learn and grow socially, emotionally, intellectually, and independently. The staff is wonderful.

Creola Miller

Grandparent and Board of Education Member for Carter County

Noah is very happy to come to school each day. He is relaxed, calm, and his anxiety has decreased dramatically. He enjoys the other students and has made some good friends, he even went to the movies with one of them! He loves going swimming and is enjoying learning to cook.

For the first time ever, he is experiencing no behavioral issues – it is wonderful! We are all very happy to be at Jeremiah School.

Jennifer Marsh


It’s a funny story how I ended up at the Jeremiah School. I wasn’t looking for it, but it found me and it has changed my life.
On a chilly, fall Sunday afternoon, my family was looking for something to do. My children decided they wanted to go bowling. So we jumped in the car and headed to Holiday Lanes. When we arrived we were told to come back in an hour due to a fundraiser going on.
When we came back, the fundraiser was ending, we were renting our awesome bowling shoes, and getting a lane assignment. It was a little chaotic, but somehow in that moment, a lady wearing a Jeremiah School shirt grabbed my attention. (This lady just so happened to be the Director of Jeremiah School!) I approached her and asked what the Jeremiah School was. As she talked, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of.
We exchanged information and a week later I got a phone call asking me to come in. I thought it was an informal meeting for volunteer work.
The day after the meeting I received a call asking if I would be interested in being the classroom assistant.
God puts people in the right place at the right time and that’s exactly what I think happened when I saw Jeremiah School at the Holiday Lanes. He knew I needed those students in my life.

Heather Poston

Teacher Assistant

Going to Jeremiah School is different from attending other schools. Firstly, instead of having to follow the typical school curriculum, the curriculum here is tailored towards you. The schedule is more flexible and students can learn extracurricular activities. Lastly, you have fun at Jeremiah School.

One of the things I enjoy most is the cooking lessons on Wednesdays. Not only do we get to refine our knife skills, my classmates and I get to make delicious food to eat and enjoy.

Lucas Lowe


We have seen numerous advantages for Cole since attending Jeremiah School. He has become more independent and is better able to take care of himself. He has  become more outspoken and better able to communicate his feelings and thoughts. We have had several deep conversations over current events, politics and other controversial topics.

The school has been great for him, and we cannot wait to see future growth and development, not only within Cole, but also for the school so that more children can get the support and education they need within a warm and nurturing environment.

Denise Pierce


When Sam went to middle school, he was overstimulated by the number of kids, noise, pressure, and school work. Without an aid to help him, he shut down and stopped doing any work. He felt frustrated, isolated, alone, and like he was a burden. We started looking for an alternative and luckily found Jeremiah School. I remember after a week of being at Jeremiah School, Jo Cullen said to me, “Your son is a real asset to our school” and I teared up. I felt like he was finally being looked at for his strengths, not his weaknesses. He loves going to school every day now. I believe he finally feels understood, that he has friends, and that he belongs somewhere. He comes home happy and unstressed. It is such a relief to know he is being nurtured and taught in a manner that is the best learning environment for him.

There is a desperate need in this area for a school like Jeremiah School where kids are taught not only academics, but life skills, so they can become successful adults. It is that beacon of hope that is so greatly needed. All the staff at Jeremiah are a true blessing to our community and our family. We are extremely grateful for finding them.

Elizabeth Wright


I had heard about Jeremiah School from some friends, so when I was invited to attend the Jeremiah School Christmas Showcase last December, I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet the students and learn more about the school’s mission.

The last thing I expected was to be on the Jeremiah School Board of Directors just a few months later.

The experience of the Christmas Showcase really moved me to do something – anything – to help out this very new, and very much needed school. Watching the students proudly perform and seeing the huge smiles on the faces of their families and friends made me realize how much these uniquely talented kids have to offer.

Since joining the Board, I have witnessed first-hand the vital role that Jeremiah School plays in the lives of students on the autism spectrum. Our students need a supportive environment that can nurture and develop their educational and relational skills as young people, so they can lead self-sustaining lives as adults.

There is a great need for what Jeremiah School brings to the communities in which it serves. We’ve developed partnerships with businesses and individuals, but there’s always a need for more. It is an honor and a blessing to be part of the Jeremiah School community, and I invite you to become involved – through your donations, your time, and your prayers.

This school is changing lives! It’s definitely changed mine.

Thomas Eorgan

Jeremiah School Board Member

My daughter has blossomed since going to Jeremiah School. She now has more confidence in herself and talks about her future. She also talks about having friends, which is a first!

From the moment that we heard about Jeremiah School we knew we wanted our daughter to go there. They are able to offer her the education that other schools can’t. The curriculum is set up for the benefit of the child, not because it has to be done in a certain way. She talks more about things she has learned and this is only because of Jeremiah School. The school has been a blessing in our lives and hers.

Jennifer Coon


After ten years of varied experiences working with many incredible young people and adults, I now find myself at a school that I consider to be the most rewarding that I have experienced in my professional career: Jeremiah School. When my wife first showed me the website and told me that they were hiring, I didn’t think too much about it. I had made up my mind to move on somewhere else, but I thought I would at least interview. The enthusiasm and passion I encountered were infectious and I was pulled towards the mission and vision that Amy Lowe and Joanna Cullen laid forth. There’s been no looking back.

As a teacher, Jeremiah School has given me the opportunity that all teachers hope for: the chance to really develop a classroom environment with students that meets them on their terms. I get to build a curriculum that highlights their strengths and values them as individuals, not just a curriculum that aims to ‘fix’ or change who they really are. And because of this freedom, we have accomplished many things: finding independence in the kitchen and selling our food at the farmers market; working with occupational therapists and physical education students to improve physical fitness; and working on theatrical and musical endeavors, which have been quite impactful on student confidence.

Andrew Baxter


Jon-David has made such huge improvements, not only in his academics, but in his social interactions as well. We have seen the once shy and reserved boy become a friendly and somewhat outgoing personality. He loves school and his friends he has made there. He has even had the confidence to do stand up comedy on stage! We never thought he would do that.

We can’t thank everyone at Jeremiah School enough and we look forward to what the future holds for Jon-David and Jeremiah School!

Tommy and Angel Foskey


Having worked for several years in private practice and school systems, I’ve seen the frustrations and struggles that can come from having a child with autism in the school system. I am so excited for what Jeremiah School is offering to the unique population of kiddos with autism. As I learned more about the school, it’s structure, and the way the classroom is run I was excited to be a part of it all. I love that the kids can come here knowing that they will be safe, encouraged, nurtured, and stimulated academically. Being in the classroom everyday I get to see each child’s unique personality and am able to work with a team to address not only academic skills but life and social skills as well. This school provides such a wonderful environment for these special kids to be able to thrive. A donation to the Jeremiah School is not just a write off, it is ensuring that special and unique kids in the Tri-Cities are provided with an environment that is focused on giving them their best opportunities and support.

Caroline Roberson