2024 DodgeBRAWL Champions: Mitch Cox Companies MC Cobras

Congratulations to the MC Cobras from Mitch Cox Companies, our DodgeBRAWL 2024 champions!  In our most competitive DodgeBRAWL tournament ever, they captured dodgeball glory by defeating the Watauga Orthopaedics Bone Crushers in the final match.

DodgeBRAWL 2024 was was the largest and most competitive event to date, and everyone from players to spectators had a great time. A very special thanks to our sponsors, teams and volunteers, who supported DodgeBRAWL and made our tournament a fun and successful fundraiser for Jeremiah School.

Runner Up: Watauga Orthopaedics Bone Crushers

In a heartbreaking third consecutive 2nd place finish, the Bone Crushers once again put up a great fight!  Our tournament Presenting Sponsor, the Bone Crushers came up short against the MC Cobras. Always competitive, we appreciate the team from Watauga Orthopaedics for not only putting on a great show, but for their generous sponsorship of DodgeBRAWL!  Congrats to the Bone Crushers for another great year!

Final Results

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