One of the big issues we deal with here at Jeremiah School is being able to take our students out to eat or participate in other activities like many other school groups get to do.  For our students, many of whom have a hard time with loud noises and over-stimulation, these places are often more of a source of frustration than fun.  We wanted to take a moment though and give a shout out to a couple of places that recently went the extra mile for our kids and made it possible for them to enjoy their experience!

mellow-mushroom-johnson-cityJust Jump Trampoline Park and Mellow Mushroom of Johnson City have both been willing to take steps to make adjustments, allowing our students to have a great time, eat great food, and not have to deal with excess loud noises and other distractions.  Both facilities have worked with us to make sure that our time there was a hit for everyone by turning music down and making other little adjustments that most of us might not even think of.

We wanted to take a moment and thank these and other businesses that have shown our students great respect and sensitivity to their specific needs.  Thanks Just Jump and Mellow Mushroom!