DodgeBRAWL Registration 2024

DodgeBrawl 2024 Registration

  • Price: $600.00
  • Price: $300.00
  • Please enter the names of your players. Each DodgeBRAWL team must have 6 players, but you can register up to 4 additional players as alternates. Each player will receive a DodgeBRAWL towel.
  • Each team can purchase up to 6 "Get a Life" tokens to use to get back in the game should you be eliminated. Get a Life tokens can only be used during round robin play. They are not allowed to be used in semi-final or final matches.
  • Please enter a number from 0 to 6.
  • $0.00
  • We can invoice your business or group for entry fees, or you can pay online. Please click on the SUBMIT button to send your registration. A confirmation screen will appear with options for paying fees. Thanks! Jeremiah School